13 October 2014

Texas Antiques Week

Last week Mom and I went to Texas Antiques Week in Round Top,Texas!!  It was CRAZY - I think you could go for like 5 years in a row and still not know everything about it... you could also go for a whole week and still not see everything.

One thing we did see, however, was a tent with creepy doll heads:
And in Round top we found a wagon and pumpkins and had a photo taken by a random stranger:
Awesome horse carving that we saw:
We got some tiny spoons to make jewelry :
We made a stop at the Junk Gypsies World HQ:
They had an awesome mannequin.
Then we did some more antique shopping....did not buy anything but took some photos:

Here I am wearing the one thing I purchased - a purse that can be worn cross-body or clipped onto belt loops.
We had a good time but we were exhausted by the time we got home.  If we go again we would concentrate our time on Warrenton and maybe try to go for more than just two days! Also make sure to bring lots of money because things were more expensive than we anticipated.  Did any of you guys go to Antiques Week?

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