20 October 2014

Good News!

Hello friends!  It has been a busy week, but I wanted to take a few moments to share some good news with you!!

Today I was offered, and I accepted, a part-time (29 hrs/week) position as a recreation therapist at Hickory Trail Hospital in Desoto, TX.  The hospital is a psychiatric hospital that treats children, adults, seniors, and those with substance abuse history. Even though it is a recreation therapy position they know I am an art therapist and are ok with me doing art therapy!  I will also get to make use of my skills as a group fitness instructor!  Desoto is only 20 miles from my family which is awesome because that means I will be able to spend time with them!

I do not yet know what I will be doing about my living situation.  Desoto is not the biggest city but there are a lot of surrounding cities and I could even stay in Arlington if I wanted to.  So, now the house/apartment hunt is on and it will be tricky because I want to live in a good neighborhood but it has to be somewhere that I can afford!

That is all for now friends!!  Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope to post some art for you tomorrow!!

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