05 May 2015

Book Binding Class

Last Sunday I went back to Flat Bed Press in Austin, TX for the second half of the class where I made monotype prints.  This time we did book binding!

I finally bound those large collage folios that I was making over the past few months.

The front and back covers are record jackets!  I just liked the art on them and thought it was a cool idea so I went with it!  Here is the front cover:
All of the pages:
The spine - with a Coptic stitch binding:
The back cover:
I bound all of my monotype prints into a journal too!  Here are some pictures:

I also learned how to do Japanese Stab Binding so that I could bind my handmade paper from the Peace Paper Project:

I still have more handmade paper that I need to bind into books but I ran out of time at the class.  If you are interested in making books, here is the reference that my teacher recommended:

Do you do book binding?  Do you make your own journals?  I would love to see some pictures! 


  1. Oh what a beautiful book, love how huge and colorful it is. Well done!