04 May 2015

Printmaking Class

About a month ago I went to Austin to take a monotype printmaking class at Flat Bed Press.  It was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot.  Here are some pictures from the class:

Out Instructor: Heather

an inked plate before it was printed

another inked plate before printing

Turning the big wheel on the press

This was the only print I made using this technique.. I was just playing for a few minutes before class ended

My prints on the table

The back side of those first prints = more prints! 

I really liked this class a lot.  Printmaking is fun - if you are considering a class then I totally suggest it.  No classes around?  Get yourself a Gelli plate or make a gelatin bold and do some printmaking at home!!  Come back tomorrow to see what I did with these prints!

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