07 May 2015

Homestead Village

A few weeks ago mom came to visit me in Waco.  We decided to go out to this cute General store that I found while driving to see my CSA farm one day.  At the general store someone told us about a homestead craft village that was about 2 miles away.  So, we went to check it out.  It was really cool.

The name of the place is Homestead Heritage ( click that link for more information).  They have a pottery building:
A mill:

Fiber arts:
A blacksmith area:
And the grounds are really pretty:
They even have an 1800s cabin:

Here I am... took a selfie while walking around:

They offer different classes too: woodworking, pottery, fiber arts, gardening/cooking, and blacksmithing.  It was a nice day.  I definitely recommend this place if you are in the Waco area.

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