28 May 2015

Happiness for Beginners

I just finished reading a new book and wanted to tell you about it!  The book was Happiness for Beginners 

This book is by Katherine Center.  I met her last fall at Lucky Star Art Camp.  At camp I bought her book The Lost Husband and I loved it.  So, I wanted to read this new book too.  And let me tell you, it did not disappoint!  I stayed up late reading it two nights in a row and finished it the next day.  I got it on Sunday afternoon and finished it by Monday at lunch!  I love the way Katherine writes - you can really imagine what is happening in the book and you really connect with the characters.  This book did make me misty eyed a few times.  

So, here is a bit about the book.  The main character is Hellen, and she is 32 and recently divorced.  She decides to participate in a wilderness survival course in hopes that it will help her change her life.  While she goes looking for certain changes/has certain ideas of how this course will help her - it ends up helping her/changing her in different ways.  

I cannot recommend this book enough - if you are looking for something good to read go check it out.  Check out this link for more info/to buy the book: Happiness for Beginners

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