03 July 2014

Family ATx Assessment Day 2 (June 28th ICAD)

On Saturday the 28th we had our second day with visiting professor Dr. Paige Asawa... here is a photo of all of us:

Here are some photos from lunch... we had tons of fun:

Hillary and I and a few other girls ate lunch at the fountain

 The fountain is designated as a "pool" so students are welcome to "swim" in it.

We even did some fountain side yoga!

Drawings from class:

After class we went to eat burgers:

Then we went to a party one of the Doctoral Students threw for us:

It was a lovely day and I really enjoyed spending an entire day with my classmates.  I will truly miss them all after gradation (FYI I will probably "talk" about this several more times over the next month!)

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a GREAT day!

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