12 April 2015

I'm Back!!!!!!

Hello Friends!  For those of you who are still with me after this 3ish month break -- Thank you!!!  A lot has been going on.  I moved to Waco - on the campus of the college where I work.  I have been doing a lot of traveling around Texas - visiting my family and taking a lot of classes!!  Its been a busy busy couple of months.  Some of the stuff I have been doing is super cool, so I will do a  few posts about those things.  For today I will share some pictures of the artwork that I made in January!  These are some postcards that I made for a swap!!

Come back tomorrow for some more pictures!!  Have a great evening!! 


  1. Hi Rachel! Good to see you again on here. What is your job at the college?

    1. Marcia, I will post an answer tomorrow!!