06 May 2015

Texas Antiques Week

Last month I went to Texas Antiques week - I had the day off from work, and I wanted to get out of the house so I decided last minute to head down there.  Here are some pictures of things I thought were picture worthy:

I need a Dr. Pepper Chandelier 

These pics were over $1000 each! Yikes.

Here are some pictures of what I go.... this pink shelf, which folds down flat when you need to store it:

The shelf currently has tons of art supplies on it!  I found some cool ephemera for art journaling:
I got those two metal birds for my Christmas tree.  I also got myself a new Selina Vaughn Bag:
Its quite large, but I got it for when I go away for a day or two and don't need an entire suitcase.  I love the orange inside!   I also got some homemade soap (I can never resist that! It always smells so good), and some cute earrings (which did not photograph well).   According to my Jawbone Up I walked about 9 miles that day!  I really had a good time though.

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