23 April 2013

Best CPR Dummy Ever

Last week was my final day at my internship for this semester.  I was quite sad, but the staff were super awesome to me!!  One of the girls made me smores bars!  When I went to get my final evaluation paperwork from my supervisor I came back to find this:
 A pink haired CPR Dummy in my chair!!

They just put a wig on a CPR dummy but it took getting a wig and spraying it pink and they kept it 100% secrete - it was soooo funny.

Its Occupational Therapy week so we also had a picnic that day w/ free food (and more goodies!).  And my supervisor gave me some company shirts and a travel blanket.

I had a great experience there and I am really happy that I got selected to be their intern.  I will use what I learned for the rest of my life!  I hope my next internship is just as valuable!

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