25 April 2013

Final Art Project

I wrote a few days ago abut the final day at my internship!  Practicum is the class that goes along with the internship, and one of the requirements for that class is to create an art piece that reflects our internship experience.  So... here is mine:

The explanation is... 
1. The colored background - all of the different art materials and directives that I used
2. The hands on the bottom - all of the clients, and sometimes the other therapists that were pulling me in many different directions
3. The lady on the tight rope - many times I felt I was walking a thin line between success and crashing onto my face, but I survived and by the end I felt like I was capable of handling anything the site could have thrown at me (i.e. the lady is so comfortable on the tight rope she is doing a crazy pose!)
4.  Clouds - I just wanted clouds ; )

I hope it goes over well when I show it at our "art show" (a.k.a. last day of class!!)  I also hope you enjoyed seeing the piece!  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.  


  1. I like it! Thanks for the explanation, though I did pretty much come up with what you said, so hooray for being clear!!

  2. you did a great creation, and I thik you nailed it