01 April 2013

Long Time No See and Veteran's Ball

Well I really feel like I am failing at the whole consistent blogging thing this semester.  Not to make excuses, but truthfully Blogger has not been entirely cooperative with me during the last few months; sometimes I sit down to blog and the site isn't working!!

Anyways, it appears to be working right now, so I will take advantage and write several posts!!

So, recently the FSU Collegiate Veterans Association had its first annual Veteran's Ball!  The theme was 40s/WWII.  I wanted to show you some pictures from the ball:
We had a table-size cake!!  And yes, it was VERY tasty.

All the CVA Ladies w/ Mrs. Barron, the wife of the FSU President

A few of the girls with the WWII Vet that spoke

All of us vets hamming it up for the camera
It was a great time.  I am very happy that I was able to attend the first one, and that I will be here for another one next year!!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Thanks for stopping by!! Have a lovely day.

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