18 April 2013

What You Deserve

Like I mentioned yesterday, the words for this particular journal page just kind of happened to be right next to each other and caused me to use them together for a page!  So, here it is:

Its true, right?  We all deserve less dram and craziness.  We deserve some quiet, calm, relaxing time.  We deserve time to make art!  I am really hoping to make more art over the summer - I am planning on having a travel journal kit and just take that sucker everywhere with me so that I always have the opportunity to do something arty when I have free time.  Do you have a plan to help yourself make art?  I'd love to hear it.

1 comment:

  1. I came here via a link on Chris's blog, Parabolic Muse. I really like the colors on this page, as well as the line of hands reaching out from the border. Very nice!