03 June 2014

Documented Life Week 19: Art Abandonment

I'm quite behind on sharing my documented life project with you guys, but there is a reason!  Here is my page from week 19 - the challenge was to do something nice for others:

This week is what kept me behind!  So, as you can see I created some stuff for art abandonment.  Here is what I created:

I just realized that they kind of matched the weekly page - I didn't do that on purpose but its kinda neat that it happened that way!

I've already abandoned two of the cards:
On a bench at the grocery store

On a table in a lobby at the community college where I do art therapy

I don't know if anyone has found the cards I left.  I am guessing so since I abandoned them last week, but as far as I know they have not emailed the address because I did not see anything about it on Facebook.

Well friends that is it for today.  Thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

  1. I love this idea! Although "abandonment" sounds kind of cruel. I know that's the official term, but maybe "art finding a home." I know, it's not as catchy.