24 June 2014

ICAD June 16-18

Hello friends!  Happy Tuesday!!  Today I am sharing some of my ICAD creations with you!

On June 16th, I made this:

On the 17th I defended my Thesis.  You already saw this ICAD:

But, here is a photo of me dressed up to defend my thesis:

On the 18th, I created this card:

It was great to get to spend the day hanging out at the pool with Hillary!

I absolutely LOVE those ICADs that I actually put any time into... but sometimes I am just too exhausted or my mind doesn't want to work so I make them VERY simple and sometimes I don't like that.  Liking/disliking is part of the art experience though, and I accept that I won't like everything.  Even if I don't like it, taking the time to make it is beneficial for me and I can learn something about myself in the process.

Thanks for stopping by today!  "See" you tomorrow!!


  1. I agree that liking/disliking what you make is part of the process. Ironically, I learn more from the pieces I don't like, at least when I allow myself.

    1. Claudia,

      I agree you can learn more from those pieces you dislike. This is especially true when I am working with my clients - their dislike for a piece or process can be very informative and help their therapy!

  2. So very glad that you wore the pink power dress to the thesis defense! So completely you!!