11 June 2014

ICAD June 4-6

Hello again!!  More ICAD for you today!!

On June 4th I did art therapy at the community college.  I did paper marbling with the veterans - I used my example piece as the background for the card:
 June 5th - the first time I wasn't lazy in my ICAD making... I've been pretty lazy sense lol...
 On the 6th I did Operation Thank You which was an event to thank WWII Veterans.  It was pretty awesome because I got to hear the story of a veteran and meet several others and talk to them about what they did during the war.

At Operation Thank You We made this:

Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a great day.


  1. I bet talking with those WW2 women vets was very interesting and inspiring. It's nice to have older role models like them.

  2. Poster is wonderful!! You had a great opportunity!