20 June 2014

ICAD June 13-15

Today I am sharing more ICAD with you! I LOVE ICAD - such a simple thing to decorate one index card, but its something that can be so creative if you allow yourself freedom to play.  Anyways, here are my cards...

13 June:

14 June:
 On June 14th I made a few out of old neon file folders:

And another made out of watercolor paper - its going to be my travel journal for my upcoming post graduation vacation:

I already painted all the pages and added a pocket to the back!  I'm super excited about this vacation!

15 June:

This weekend a few of my classmates and I are having a garage sale so I was trying to get ready for it - I had to re-arrange some furniture to get rid of some pieces!


  1. I have those same file folders!! Love your ICADs. Counting down the days to Britain?

    1. Yes Trece - I can't wait for my trip!!

  2. I'm having fun with ICAD too.

    And what in the heck are Lake Zombies? One more thing to worry about.

    1. Claudia,

      I have no idea what Lake Zombies are but I liked the quote lol.