21 February 2014

FATA Cruise AJ Swap 3

Today's post is all about the art that was in journal number 3 of the Florida Art Therapy Association (FATA) Conference Cruise Mini Art Journal Swap!  So, lets get to it:

I am so glad that I did this "experiment" and that the mini-swap worked out.  It was great to see what kind of art people came up with!!  I loved looking through all of the books and seeing the different styles and even the different materials that people found!  Another thing I enjoyed was that I was able to get both of my professors and a few other well-known art therapists to participate which means that I got to see their journaling style!  Best of all was the feedback - a lot of people that participated wanted to see the journals at the end of the cruise to see what other people made.  Several people told me that they were going to "steal" the idea; I told them "go ahead!!"  Now, I'm considering doing something like this at the American Art Therapy Association's National Conference in July!


  1. Great art and fun pics of the trip! The street art, few posts earlier, looks great!

  2. I have really enjoyed seeing all the journals, the different styles, etc. I think you should take the idea to the conference. It may be your signature technique!

  3. Beautiful art, sketches, art therapy project, Rachel. Amazing and heart warming creativity. Thank you for sharing

  4. What a great idea and project, Rachel! I definitely think you should take this to the AATA conference in July. So neat to see all of the different styles and approaches in the journals.