18 February 2014

FATA Cruise Part 3

Hello again!  Welcome to the 3rd post about the Florida Art Therapy Association Conference Cruise! On Sunday we were at Nassau Bahamas!!  Here is a picture from the deck of our ship:
Nassau, Bahamas
 Once we got off the boat we walked around the island - a lot:
A tree that is part of a building!  

 We found a beach but the weather had turned bad - it was cloudy and started raining so we did not stay long...
 Then we did some more walking around....
street art
street art 
We had lunch at a local cafe:
Caribbean Curry Chicken - YUMMY 
 Then we went hunting for souvenirs:
The artist we got paintings from 
The painting I got

more street art
 And although they initially resisted, we convinced our professors to take a photo with us!
Marcia, Meredith, Hillary, Chelsea, Annie, Me, and Dave 
Shells from the beach
 After dinner, before the conference the girls and I went to get drinks so that we could use our on board credit!
Drinks from our cocktail hour ... Mine is the pinacolada.  
 I did not take a photos of the next day - our trip back home.  I do however have more cruise related photos, so come back tomorrow and I will show them to you!!

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