14 March 2014

Spring Break!!

This week is Spring Break!  I started my spring break last Friday when my best friend, Hillary, and I drove out to Orlando.  After a few hours at my internship site we hit the road.  We went to Shades of Green Resort - an Armed Forces Resort - and used my Transition Assistance ID Card to get a veteran discount on tickets... it was an amazing deal... $169 for 4 days of park hopper passes (that's like half price!)  Then, after checking into our hotel we went to Downtown Disney and had dinner at The Rainforest Cafe.

We shared Nachos for dinner - YUMMY.

And I ordered a gluten free cheesecake which was wonderful

I asked for, and then wore this frog hat during out entire dinner

fun in the Downtown Disney stores

This is the travel art journal page I created! 

I hope you guys enjoyed the re-cap.  It gets much better - come back on Monday and I will have Disney Day 1 photos for you!


  1. Jealous of you at Disney! Looks like you're having a blast. How much longer do you have of school?

    1. Marcia, I have until August... I graduate August 2nd! But the next few months will be busy... final papers, comprehensive exams, progress reviews, mock job interviews, thesis research and write-up then defense and trying to get it approved... and a national conference I will be presenting at... its going to be BUSY!!