07 March 2014

Maclay Gardens

Last Friday I took some of my art therapy clients out to the start park to visit the botanical gardens!  Since I am a disabled veteran I get a free lifetime military pass to the FL start parks and with that pass I can take in 7 people with me for free.  So, Veterans Village, one of my internship sites, put me on their insurance so I could drive their van and I took a few people to the park.  I gave the vets that came with me a art scavenger hunt form - it had things like this: "find something red or pink and sketch it", "find something smooth/rough and name it" and "find a place to sit that has a nice view...draw what you see and name what you hear."  The idea was to get them to use as many senses as possible.  We had a GREAT time and really enjoyed ourselves.  Here are some photos that I took:

It was a great outing and quite different from what we normally do!  Hopefully I can take some people out to somewhere different before my internship is over.   Thanks for stopping by - have a great day!

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