09 November 2014

Busy as a bee!

I have been super busy the last few weeks but I will probably keep on being busy until the end of November!  Job hunting, doctors appointments, looking for an apartment, studying for the National Counselor Exam.  That is why I have been absent, but I do sincerely hope that I can get back on track and start blogging regularly again!  I have just uploaded a bunch of photos from October and November onto my computer so that I can use then when I write blog posts!!

Tomorrow I move into my apartment.  Tuesday the movers come.  Wednesday I am teaching 4 group fitness classes.  Thursday is the cable guy and a doctors appointment.  Friday is the NCE.  See???

Good thing I just took a short break and went to Lucky Star Art Camp!!  I will write more about this tomorrow, but for now here is a photo of my roomies and I:

Hope to "see" you tomorrow!

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