12 November 2014

Lucky Star Art Camp Day 3

On day 3 of camp I took a full day class called Painting from the Heart with Juliette Crane.  I LOVED this class - although the backgrounds/beginning layers that Juliette has her students do are somewhat like my own style, the rest is completely different from my normal art.  I still loved everything I did and was super happy with this class; I felt successful thanks to Juliette's awesome instruction!  Here are some photos for you:

So, I finished both the pig and frog.  Then I started this butterfly lady:

I was not able to finish her that day, but come back tomorrow and you can see how she turned out!

Juliette's class was held right next to the river that runs through camp!  Here are some pictures from class:

It was great painting outdoors and doing something completely different yet being able to feel good about it!

After class I ran over to the stables and went on a horseback ride!
A horse and the barn cat communicating

the horse I rode - Rio

Selfie with Rio

Here I am with Rio
It was fun!  I got to see some pretty scenery and some deer too!  Later that night we all gathered around the campfire for a sing along and story telling!  After that my roommates and I went on a "haunted hike" were we just went around camp in the dark and looked at all the unoccupied cabins!  It was a good time with lots of giggling.

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