01 May 2013

Group ATx Class Review

So, today I wanted to show you pictures from group art therapy class.  Some of them you have seen, and I think some of them you have not.  I just thought it would be interesting to see what we did over the course of the semester.  Because there are a lot of pictures, I am not going to make them big - hopefully you can still see them!

A collage about my goal:

a project where we chose one word to describe the group:

How I felt about the art therapy program 

My strengths... (can't remember, but this may have been made during the same session as the sculptures below)

Sculptures about our strengths as co-leading therapists.  Lauren's is on the left and Mine on the right - we were paired together and our session went well.  

These next two go together... the one on the top is my individual piece about a negative experience that eventually became a positive experience.  For the picture on the bottom, we tore up our individual pieces and made a group piece.  

These two also go together... the one on the right is mine and the picture on the left is a pile of all the other people's work.

These next two were in the same session as well.

A "book" the other group members wrote how I was doing (encouragement) on my goal.
We made a container for our art:

And on the last day we drew names and made certificates for the person we drew.  This is what was made for me:

Chelsea said I am the group's rock and they look to me for guidance and help.  It was very nice to hear. Several of the girls cried when they received their certificates.

So, yeah I know it was a lot of pictures, but I hope you enjoyed the review of an art therapy grad student class!!  We get to do fun things, right??

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day!


  1. well now you are a grad, whats next on the horizon,,,,for you. love your projects

    1. Lee,

      I am not done with grad school. I don't graduate until August 2014... I am just done with this semester!