28 August 2013

The Last of the Texas ICADs

Today I am going to share with you the last few ICADs I made while I was in Texas.

The 16th was when we went to the dinner theater:
On the 17th we did a lot of different things.  We went to an open air market in Garland, TX.  Then we went to downtown McKinney and checked out the antique stores.  After lunch at Cracker Barrel we went to IKEA (which is where I got the background and the orange strips for the ICAD) and then we were SO TIRED, but we went to see The Heat and it was VERY VERY funny.

I am pretty sure that I made an ICAD on the 18th, but I don't have a photo of it!  Let me tell you guys that every time I fly into DFW I get SUPER excited when I can see the city when we are landing.  I used to not be sad about leaving until the plane to go home took off, but now its like as soon as I have to say goodbye I start to get sad.  I think mostly I didn't want to come back to Tallahassee because I know this semester will be SUPER busy and I don't even feel like I got a break.

I hope you guys enjoyed my Texas Trip recap posts... starting tomorrow I will be telling you about all of the craziness of the fall semester of my second year of graduate art therapy classes!!  Stay tuned for some antics.

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