01 August 2013

ICAD 23-26 July

More ICAD photos for you today!!!

23 July:

24 July:

25 July:
Our printmaking project gave me so many ideas that I really was wishing I had more time to play around and experiment.

26 July:
I was SOOOOOOO happy to get to the point where I was done writing my thesis proposal, and then be finished with editing it!  I actually have worked on it a tiny bit since the 26th, but on the evening of the 30th I printed it out!! So happy.

I did two this day because I thought I was behind... then I ended up with an extra one... oh well!  

This one is simple but I really like it!  I adore that chevron tape!

Thanks for stopping by today, "see" you tomorrow!

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  1. Wonderful Icads!! Bright and fun!!

    Hugs Giggles