30 August 2013

Random School Stuff

School has started...I'm sure you guys figured that out already.  I just have some random photos to share with you today!

The FSU Gamma Phi Beta chapter (I was a Gamma Phi Beta at Texas Tech University) has patriotic letters outside of their house:
This totally made me happy when I walked past it!

Another thing I am happy about:

I get to go to the President's box during the military appreciation football game on 21 September!  It will be my first time in a sky box at a football game!  And before it starts we get to go to a reception at the President's house!  

Lastly, look at this:

Its a stamp I get to use on charts at my internship site!  Woo.  

This past two weeks... the week before school and the first week of school have been CRAZY!  Probably somewhat due to taking a 2 week "vacation" where I was not able to get stuff done in Tallahassee (worth it, though!)....hoping that things calm down next week (it seems likely).  

I also hope that you guys have been having a good back-to-school transition (whatever that means to you!)  Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a wonderful weekend.  

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