05 August 2013

4 Pages in Angela's Journal

This summer we had a social work student in one of our art therapy classes!  Angela was great and we really enjoyed having her around.  She participated in our swap and I was lucky enough to get to work in her journal.  So, today I am going to share with you what I did!!  First I did a typical-to-my-style spread:

And I loved it.  Then I added these weird jewelry ads:

And I made a "randomness collage"

It includes a print our teacher used to demonstrate printmaking:

and lastly, I left her with a tracing of my print from printmaking class and wrote her a note:
I also used all of my new washi tapes!  I am addicted to those things... I own way too many rolls, but not nearly enough!

Hope you guys enjoyed the journal peek!  Thanks for stopping by, have a great Monday!

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