07 August 2013

Brevard Zoo

This past weekend was our first weekend after summer classes ended.  I was not headed home to TX until yesterday so I went with my friend and classmate Hillary to Palm Bay, FL and stayed with her at her parent's house for a few days!  Saturday morning we went to the Brevard Zoo and it was a lot of fun!!  Here are some photos:

Hillary's wingspan in comparison to the vultures we saw

Hillary's favorite animal!

This cute animal is full grown!
 One of the reasons we went to the zoo was because you can feed Giraffes for $1!

Here I am feeding the Giraffe!

Snack time! 

Hillary feeding the Giraffe

Hillary and I as turtles!
We really enjoyed the zoo and we had perfect timing.  Within 30 minutes of us leaving the zoo it started to pour rain!  The zoo tired us out so we went home and watched movies while it rained for the rest of the evening!

Thanks for stopping by - hope you enjoyed the animal pics!

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