04 October 2013

Women Veterans Leadership Conference pt. 1

Hello friends.  I am ridiculously busy so I just wanted to warn you that blog posts are likely to be sporadic.

Today I wanted to share some more conference photos with you!!  So... we had a great class called You 2.0.  It was about not concentrating all your efforts on one area of life and neglecting other areas.  Sometimes you have to work on other areas and by proxy that one stubborn area will improve!  We also talked about alternative thinking as far as what types of goals you should set for these areas - you can see from my notes the types of goals that I set:

We also had a journaling class which you know I LOVED.

It reminded me to do what I always tell my clients to do - keep a list of 3 positive things each day.   I loved it so much that I bought two of the journaling card sets that the presenter sells:

If you are interested you can check it out at

The second night of the conference we went to go the Gas Lamp District:

And we ate at the Gas Lamp Strip Club - it's strip steak y'all and it was GOOD!  They have several large grills and you cook your own meat and you can grill your bread too.  Here is Batiah cooking:

And me:

After that it was pretty late and we had to take the train back to the hotel so we just went back and got in bed!!

That's all for now friends.  Hopefully I will have time to write a few more posts this weekend!  Thanks for stopping by.

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