07 October 2013

Women Veterans Leadership Conference pt. 2

Hello!  I am back to show you more of our conference trip to San Diego!  First, one last conference photos - a picture of the awesome hotel pool:

I took a swim suit but we did not go swimming - it was like 75 degrees outside and people from San Diego were like "its hot today" and Batiah and I were like "no this is wonderful" (but too cool for swimming!)

The conference ended on Friday and Batiah had some friends that live in San Diego who graciously took us in until we left Saturday evening.  They took us to Balboa Park.  We had lunch:

And then we walked around and enjoyed the park for a while:

Later that night we all went out to eat Tapas and have drinks at Lei Lounge - I tried a coconut mojito and it was quite interesting.  I got the chance to talk to our hots and they were so interesting.  They are both well traveled (one is a military contractor, the other a airline attendant) and knowledgeable about many different cultures and ideas.  It was a really fun day and I was very glad that we had such nice and interesting hosts!!

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