25 October 2013

Self-Care Printmaking

This past weekend I finally made planner prints!!  We had a self-care event where we all made art!!  It was really fun.  I completely took over Erika's kitchen and prints were everywhere:

 I made a few Angel Soldier prints as well.  I had a little bit of ink left and decided to decorate my newly purchased moleskin journal with it:

It was great to spend a whole day away from grad school worries.  I did absolutely no homework and did not feel guilty once!!  It was awesome.  I hope you are able to find time to make art too!!


  1. What is up with the planner? Looks wild! A project, ot just for you?

    1. Trece,

      It was just something I wanted to do... I made some that can be sewn into monthly planners and other pages are for a mini notebook I have that I am going to turn into a planner.

  2. Okay, you have got to do a blog post (or series) on making your planner. I love the bright colors, and the large size.