31 October 2013

Planner Prints part 1 (Monthly Planner)

So, last week I showed you guys a lot of picture from my printmaking craziness at my friend Erika's house.  I was asked to show it more detail what it is I am doing with those prints, so that is what I am going to do!!

First, I wanted to make some monthly planners.  Erika and I talk about this way back in July and I just now had time to make the prints.  So, these monthly planners actually have 4 prints per page and have four pages and are hand sewn together!  So, here are some photos!!

I left the cover blank so the person who gets the planner can decorate it as desired.  The first spread is a customizable calendar and looks like this:
 Next you open the pages and get a weekly lay-out with a notes page.
 There are 5 of those weeks so that if the month is one of those funny ones where the weeks are off you have enough to cover it!  The last pages are just notes pages:
And that is it.  I actually am trading this pink one with an artist that I communicate with via Instagram.  Her blog is and her Etsy shop is .

I made a few other planners but I donated them to my student group, the FSU Art Therapy Association.  We are trying to raise money to pay for our spring workshop and to help students attend the national conference.  If you are interested in helping us you can donate via  - that site also shows you a video about us and what we want to do with art therapy!!

I was considering making some of these to sell in my Etsy shop but they are A LOT of work and I don't think I could sell them for enough to make it worth my time and effort.  Perhaps I will figure something else out though!

I also made some other planner prints that I will tell you about in my next post!!

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  1. Rachel this is amazing :) you are fantastic thankyou so much for the links much appreciated thankyou thankyou thankyou:)