11 October 2013

When Clients Don't Show Up

Sometimes clients do not show up for their scheduled therapy session.  Usually when this happens I write notes or file notes or some other administrative thing.  Yesterday a client did not show up and the note writing was a bit out of control so I took a quick break and did the art that I was going to have my client do!  We were going to do coffee filter mandalas!!  I love this project - I've probably told you about it before.  Anyways... you decorate a coffee filter with watercolors or with water soluble markers and then add water to it.  They turn out something like this (at least mine did):

And if you put a paper under it, you get two pieces of art:

Isn't that AWESOME?

It was only a short 10 minute break but I REALLY enjoyed it.  I encourage you to try this!!  If you have kids or art crafty you probably already have both materials that you need.  Have fun!!


  1. Sounds great! I have to try it. Thanks for sharing, hope you felt better after creating those ;)

  2. These are lovely - and probably did you a world of good!