16 October 2013

Life's Ups and Downs

Sometimes it amazes me how fast things can go from GREAT to HORRIBLE.

For instance...

Yesterday I would have told you how super happy I was that I had submitted my thesis IRB proposal Monday night (around 10pm) and finished my last mid-term test.  I also finished a paper for one of my classes last night.  Awesomeness, right?

And then...

Today, I spent all day at the prison.  Not a bad thing, but being there all day is hard.  I come home pretty much exhausted.  I was so excited leaving the prison because I thought "all I have to do tonight is finish reading for tomorrow's class!!" - what a light load - until I checked my email and had gotten the dreaded email from my advisor indicating that my thesis IRB application might not get to the next step of the process by tomorrow which is this month's deadline.

After diving back from the prison to Tallahassee and dropping Annie off, I smelt something funny but she insisted it was her neighbor.  I still smelled it when I got home though and looked under my hood to investigate  I found oil all over places it should not be.  I immediately took it to the car place, but since I get home so late it was too late for the mechanics to start on it.  I have to bring it back tomorrow.  On the plus side the manager told me what is likely the problem: bad gaskets, and probably need new spark plugs and an oil change (that last one was me!).

So... feeling great to feeling bad enough to be consistently reminding myself to not be negative and that "I can handle this" and "I can do this."

Apologies for the grip, but if I never tell you anything that is not positive then I am not being real, so I decided to share the craziness.

On the plus side I wanted to show you guys these monsters:

Annie and I made them on Saturday so we would have examples for the kids.  We worked a special event put on by Sesame Street for the moms at the prison and their kids.  We had all the miscellaneous pieces and the kids got to create their own monsters.  We had paper bags to make them into puppets but then just did faces once we ran out of bags.  It was VERY VERY fun.  We might be doing it again too!  If so we are definitely make more random pieces for the monsters to made from!!

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  1. So sorry for the bummers. Hope that's the worst of your week. Good luck with your thesis proposal!