21 October 2013

Post Card Swap Time!!

Its time - to swap some post cards!!   iHanna is doing her DIY Postcard Swap!

Here is the link to find out information:

I highly encourage you to do this swap because you will get 10 awesome postcards in the mail!!  You might get some like this:

I made it for another swap, but it is an example of mail art!!  Here is another one:

So, you can do this!  You can make cards and spread some art love!!

Go, my friends, and sign up!  Have some crafty fun and send it across the globe!


  1. Wow! Very colorful and creative post cards ~ sounds like fun ~ is cardstock used? ~ Happy week to you ~ carol ^_^

    1. Carol, I use food packaging cardboard, for example a 12 pack of soda or a cereal box... I just cut them into size (4x6) and then gesso the side that has print on it and paint over it. Sometimes I don't gesso it - depends on my mood.

  2. Thanks Rachel, so glad you wanted to join - and are making postcards from recycled materials. My favorite kind!