06 August 2013

2 Pages in Annie's Journal

More journal pages for you to see today!  These were created in Annie's journal.
 The background and the green girl is one of the things I did in her journal during a previous swap, but I did not have time to finish it.  So, when I got her journal back I added to the same page!

I started this one during our mindfulness workshop:
I did the background and then added to it a few days later.  I REALLY like it!

This is the last journal I get to have as part of our summer swap!  I cannot believe that summer is over so fast - where did it go??  Yikes!  On that note, today I am flying home to Texas for a few weeks so that I can spend time with mom and dad and get a short escape from school!

Thanks for stopping by, "see" ya soon.

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