02 August 2013

Mindfulness Workshop

Our last weekend class this summer was last weekend.  It was about mindfulness and led by art therapist Patricia Isis.  I wanted to show you some of the art that we did in that class - we did a LOT of art.  The firs thing we did was make an art piece about our inner or outer landscape... I combined mine and did it all in one piece:

And we did a lot of breath drawings... you notice your breath and draw it.  Here is the first one:
I took notes on top of the drawing later.  The second one was when we imagined something stressful...for me that was thesis:

The Wendy's logo got added later... I had a spicy chicken sandwich and it was yummy.  The final breath exercise was done while we had our hand on a partners breath and we drew their breath.

It reminds me of teeth.  Our next activity was a mindful "painting"... we could use whatever materials we wanted from the center table but we couldnt really take them back to the table... we had to go to the table and pick up a piece, dip a brush in glue or paint... and then walk back add it to our piece and then repeat until we were finished.  Here is my piece:
I like it, but I think I will probably add words to it later, once I figure out what it is supposed to say.

On the 2nd day of the workshop we made a piece that represented our feelings about someone or something that annoys us or bothers us... I made this one about my relationship with my brother:
Then we had to create a safe environment to put it in:

I really enjoyed this workshop... its hard for me to be mindful just doing regular old things, but the more I try the better I get at it... it is a life long learning process so I will just have to keep on trying.  I was really glad that we got to make a lot of art since I have been neglecting my own art making in order to finish my thesis proposal.  Thankfully that is over and I get about 2 weeks off before I come back and start school again!

I hope you guys enjoyed the photos from the workshop!!  Have a wonderful day.

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