03 August 2013

Warped Tour! (Lots of Photos!)

Before I show you my Warped Tour experience, I have another ICAD.. the 27th of July: onto the fun stuff!! On the morning of the 28th, my friend Erika and I drove down to Orlando for Warped Tour.  Here we are about 40 minutes after arrive - already super sweaty:

We saw 5 bands!  Motion City Soundtrack, Forever The Sickest Kids, Hands Like Houses, Go Radio, and Sleeping With Sirens (although we only saw 2 SWS songs since it started to rain and there was lightening).  Here are some photos:

I got this shirt from Canvas Foundation:

After the show postponed for the rain we decided not to wait it out and just go check into our hotel and shower and get some food!  Neither of us had ever been to Downtown Disney so we decided to go there and eat at T-Rex Cafe:

It was awesome... here are some more photos:

And I got this very amusing shirt:

Its so applicable to thesis writing.

Here are a few more photos from Downtown Disney:

We had a great time and we were exhausted by 930pm! So we went to bed!!  The next day we drove back to Tallahassee after eating breakfast at Ihop.  We stopped in Lake City and had lunch at Cracker Barrel... it was a nice day and we got back by 2:45p and had plenty of time to do productive things - Erika did homework before going to work and I cleaned my apartment (MUCH NEEDED) and cooked dinner.  AWESOME trip and we plan to do it next year too.  ICADs from Sunday and Monday:

Ok... this post has gone on for long enough... hope you enjoyed all the pictures!! "See" ya soon and have a GREAT weekend.

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