01 October 2014

August 20th: Good bye Ireland, Hello Scotland!

August 20th was the day I left Ireland to head to Scotland.  My flight was not until 2pm though so I had a bit of time to go around Dublin before leaving.  I decided to go to the National Museum of Archaeology.  It was very interesting - LOTS of history!  Here are some pictures:
I am taller than Medieval people were

After the museum I caught a bus to the airport and got on my flight  - then it was off to Scotland.  I was staying in Edinburgh so I dropped by stuff off at the hostel and went exploring!  I took an underground / cemetery tour which was really cool and allowed me to learn a lot of history.  Here are some photos from the tour:

After the tour it was 11ish so I went back to the hostel to get some rest.  Here is the art journal page I made:

Thanks for stopping by!!  Hope to "see" you again soon!

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