20 September 2013


Sometimes, there are lots of things bouncing around in my brain.  This fact is very accurately depicted in this journal page:

This journal page has at least 4-5 layers!  It was originally just some writing (a to-do list I think) on white paper.  Later I added a sticker and painted over it.  I painted over that and added the pink  hexagon "print" which was paint on a plastic packaging piece that was pressed against the page.  Later drew on the page when I was frustrated with some things.  Then... earlier this week I added the light bulb and white drawing/writing.  It really did help me with getting all that stuff out - it helps to see it written down and not have it just rolling around in my brain.

I did that page because I was trying to figure out if there was anything I could get rid of in order to have more time to get things done (thesis, Fulbright, research papers, research for my assistantship, etc, etc, etc).  Couldn't figure it out.

I've got a trip to California coming up - I was really hoping to be able to take a break from homework during that trip but it looks VERY unlikely.

Tomorrow is the FSU Military Appreciation Football Game.  I am going to the FSU President's House at 2pm, to his stadium box at 4pm, kickoff is at 6, and we walk-on to the field b/w 1st and 2nd quarters!  I will likely leave right after that since I will need the rest of the night to do homework.  

Anyways... I totally just rambled  ALOT!  Apologies!  Anyways, hope to give you more photos and art pics next week!  Have a great weekend.  Thanks for stopping by, "see" you soon.

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