24 September 2013

Personal Symbol Sculpture

One of the art projects we did in class during symbols class was the creation of a personal symbol.  The first day we played with clay - we were told to let the clay tell us what it wanted to do and not go into the project with a preconceived idea of what our symbol should be.  Some people found it hard to do because they like pre-planned art and/or have a lot of experience with clay and can easily manipulate it. I had no problem because my clay skills are very minimal and I never plan my art - I whole heartily believe in just doing it and seeing what happens because just doing the art is therapeutic and I also think that what needs to come out will come out!  Trust the process!!  Anyways, on to the sculpture (we painted it on the second day) - here are some photos:

I see it as a creature which, oddly enough, is a male!  Its got big ole ears but no legs, arms, feet, hands.  It has a nose and horns but no eyes.  And that circle is on its tummy.  What does it mean?  I dunno but I surely had fun making it and hopefully you enjoyed seeing and hearing about it.  

Thanks for stopping by, have a nice day! 

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