10 September 2013

The Rest of My Birthday Celebration

Yesterday I told you about the color run which is how I started off my birthday  Today I will tell you about the rest of the day.

My friend Hillary took me out for a Best Friend Birthday Lunch!!  We went to a local place:

And I got a create your own burger:


Then we went to our classmate Lauren's house for a Princess Party!!  It was to celebrate the arrival of another classmate's daughter and we also celebrated my birthday!
Hillary & I wearing our tiaras! 

Here is Lauren holding that ice cream piñata:

That thing was a beast.  After letting the kids take several whacks at it each, we let the adults try...

Action Shot of me
That was a strong piñata... the adults all took 2 turns then we let the kids back into the action for a bit and then finally a few more adult hits and it came open.

It was a nice party - cake, ice cream, kids, adult kids... a good day!!

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