09 October 2013

Career Counseling Collage

Since art therapists are not licensed in most states (we have national certification, but that is a whole other story) we usually get the requirements for state licensure in mental health (or something similar).  In Florida that means we need 3 additional classes not included in our art therapy degree.

One of those classes in career counseling.  There are 13 or 14 of us in that class so the teacher makes sure to try and make it was relevant as possible to us.  She likes to have us do fun activities that are artsy.  One of those we did was to make a collage of a goal/desired outcome.  Anyways, I was quite stressed, so I did a collage about how to be more satisfied with with and therefore happier and less stressed!  Here us my collage:

What is funny is that when we give clients collage materials and all they chose is words we say that they are being cognitive (thinking a lot!) and at first I was TOTALLY doing that.  But I just had not found the right photos... so, once I did, I did not mind using them.

This was probably the most enjoyable activity that we have done in career counseling.  I think the class is not enjoyable because they put it on Monday night from 515-930 and that is just terrible.  Usually I am just sitting there wondering when we get to go home.  Hopefully I wont have any more classes like that --- but I think there may be one next semester too!  Either way - I will make the most of it!!

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