24 October 2013

Symbols Mask

One of the art projects we are doing for Symbols class this semester is an archetype mask.  We picked an archetype that we wanted to learn more about and made a mask to represent it.  I missed the first class, so I started my mask at home.  It was quite messy (I still have plaster all of that sink and its been a few weeks!):

We decorated the masks in class that next week:

And here is the finished product:

My mask is of the mother figure archetype.  I chose to represent her as mother nature - appearing as a sunflower.  The mother figure can represent both positive or negative things... she can create, encourage growth, and aid - or she can suppress, stifle and destroy.  I think since I made mine as a lovely flower she is positive in this instance.  As a symbol, flowers often represent the soul, youth, spring and the dawn.

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