12 November 2013

AEDM Nov 6-7

My creative thing for November 6th was a sketch for a mandala painting that I have to do in a few weeks.  For some reason I can't find a picture of it so you guys will have to settle with pictures of what I did for the 7th!!

I went on a run and this is what occurred to me:

It stuck with me all day.  I event added it to my Right Brain Planner inspired fitness journal and that finished up the spread:

This fitness journal is so much fun.  I am doing it because I wanted a way to look back and see what I have done - how I have progressed and try to attempt some planning for the future (although so far that part has not happened!).

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing the art!!  Thanks for stopping by.  "See" ya soon.

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  1. Love the word collage a lot, what a great idea to have a fitness journal!