16 November 2013

Veterans Day

Veterans day here in Tallahassee is jam packed with wonderful events that are veteran centered!  First, there is a 5K run in the morning.  I did not participate in it, but several of my friends did.  Next is the Veterans Day Parade!  I did participate in this.  Here are some photos from the parade:

CPT America was on our float! 

And after the parade is the Veteran Film Festival.  We watched "Which Way Is the Front Line From Here?" a documentary about the life of Tim Heatherington, one of the men who made Restrepo.  It was a great movie and in my opinion, a wonderful portrayal about what is it to experience war and return to normal life.  I did not take photos at the film festival.

Once I got home I worked in my right brain planner a bit.

Of course Veterans Day inspired some extra patriotism in me.  This was my Art Ever Day Month creative thing for the day because I was tired by that point and still had a paper to edit for the following day!!

What did you do on Veterans Day?

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