17 December 2013

Camp Boggy Creek pt. 2

I spent another weekend at Camp Boggy Creek.  This past weekend was the annual holiday party!!  It was a lot of hard work but tons of fun.  I was at the table where the kids could make wallets out of used Newman's Own juice cartons.  Here are some photos:

Cutting the circles in the exact right spot without making them too big or too small is the hard part.

While waiting on a meeting I made this drawing:

Turn the page and it looks like this:

After the party we cleaned up and then later that evening we had a party for all the volunteers and we did a white elephant gift exchange.  I brought this gift:

A handmade (by me) journal, gel pens, chocolate santa, and three fun Christmas themed toys!

Here is the gift I got:

I "stole" it because there was 82 players and I was 76!  I wanted it because of the iTunes gift card ($25) and two lotto tickets.  I had no idea there was that much candy in there!  YIKES.  Needless to say I have already started working my way through that MilkyWay bag : )

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