06 December 2013

Symbols Mandala Painting

Today I am going to share with you the Mandala painting that I have been working on for the past few days!  Its our final project for Symbols class.  It is based upon the symbols that have show up in our dreams over the course of the semester.  So, anyways.. here are some photos...

I was given a circular canvas that had a painting on it.  I gessoed over it and then sketched my idea:

Then I started on it... here are some WIP photos:

And then I finished it:

I REALLY LOVE IT!  This project has made me miss painting - I do a lot of art journaling but I don't always paint.  I think maybe I should paint more!!


  1. I love this! The baby, the 3 women representing the Norns (or Fates), and the different life cycles of the tree. But - no Spring!! That is a surprise. What DO you dream about?

    1. Trece, the symbols in the painting are: mother figure, the number 3, and anxiety