02 January 2014

Birthday Bucket List

Hello there friends.  Every year near my birthday I come up with a list of things to do that total the number of my age... I'm 32, so my list has 32 things to do before I am 33.  So, I try to make them things that are relatively easy to accomplish and things I want to do (of course).  I also art journal them.  Well this past semester at school was CRAZY.  So, the entire semester I had "32 things" on my to-do list to remind myself to make the list into an art journal page, but it never got done.

I did finish it, however, about 1 week ago!  I made the art journal page in my Documented Life Moleskine Planner since I am hoping to see it every day it will be easy to keep up with the list.  Here are some pictures of it:

And here is the list:

1. Participate on the Sketchbook Project
2. Present at Conference (I'm on the schedule to present at both the FATA and AATA Conferences!!)
3. Friendship Journal swap with my best friend Hillary
4. Go on a Cruise (scheduled for 7-10 FEB in the Bahamas)
5. Go to a new country
6. Go on a post graduation vacation (currently considering Costa Rica and England/Ireland/Scotland)
7. Go to Disney (probably spring break)
8. Do a 10K
9. Volunteer at Camp
10.  Go to a Seminole Basketball Game
11.  Go to a new city
12.  Complete an art journal
13.  Go to a pumpkin patch
14.  Go to a Christmas show
15.  Get certified as a water aerobics instructor
16.  Finish my ACE group fitness instructor continuing education hours
17.  Have my resume looked at by the career center
18.  Complete my USA Jobs profile (the website for getting a job with the VA/DOD)
19.  Do an affirmation journal (I might incorporate this into my documented life project planner)
20.  Continue to participate in the Happy Art Swap
21.  Do a postcard swap
22.  Order business cards
23.  Go to Texas for Christmas
24.  Finish my thesis
25.  Go to the beach
26.  Go to an art show
27.  Stop having caffeine
28.  Eat clean
29.  Do at least 20 of the journaling cards I have from Judy Peebles
30.  Read at least 5 just for fun books
31.  Try a new workout
32.  Documented Life Project

You can keep up with my progress on this list via clicking on the "Birthday Bucket List" tab to the right of the "home" tab.  The ones that are finished will be black while the rest will be red.  Hopefully I will get a decent amount of the list accomplished before September!  Wish me luck.

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